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Rebecca Zamolo moves into her dream house and finds a secret hidden room inside her new home. After Rebecca Zamolo went on a First Date with Best Friend Crush to Make My Husband Jealous! (Tricks to Win Dream House with Kiss Prank), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles” The Real Game Master created “Found Hidden Lake of Secrets While Helping RZ Twin! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Reveals Hacks)”, then the Game Master Incorporated posted “Found Hidden Lake of Secrets While Helping RZ Twin! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Reveals Hacks).” Now Rebecca Zamolo shares her new dream home in a empty house tour. First she shows the living room, and reveals a secret tiny space while doing gymnastics. While she is showing the pool Daniel shows up. He is very suspicious because the whole house was wire before we moved in. Matt and Rebecca take him to the next room but he disappears after giving the worst chair. Daniel found an secret room inside the walls and starts hacking to protect Rebecca and Matt. Next the agents show up while Rebecca is showing the giant backyard. Matt gets angry because Agent R talks about his wife. He pushes Agent S into the pool. Why did a bandage come off and what is he hiding? Next Rebcca’s new best friend arrives and she wants to hack too. Daniel doesn’t trust Zoe. They look at the movie theater but its not working. When the maintenance person shows up he looks familiar like he is in a disguise. They continue the tour but Matt and Daniel find a tunnel above the house. One of the rooms is locked. Can they keep this secret from Agent S and Agent R? Should we explore the tunnel? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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