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Rebecca starts by turning into twins with Everleigh and when they do the twin telepathy challenge. Matt sets up an escape room in real life for Sav where she must solve clues and riddles with her spy gadgets to unlock the 4-digit code on the silver box. While Cole plays Fortnite Rebecca must try to make lunch for everyone including baby posie and their dog Carl. It gets worse when Cole tricks Rebecca with brownies in Posie’s diaper. Matt and Sav spy on everyone in the house while Rebecca is learning how to do the baby mama dance. Finally, they all decide to work on their ninja training at a gym. Matt finds a mysterious note about his wife. Do you the Game Master or the Red Hood hacker are leaving these notes or is it someone else?

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Rebecca Zamolo and the Labrant Fam do a WIFE SWAP and switch husbands for this 24 hour challenge!


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