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Watch - SOMEONE BROKE into OUR HOUSE! (Trapping Game Master in Abandoned Cave finding secret hidden clues) - https://youtu.be/72H0HPnwJNA We made a ...Read more

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Matt and Rebecca DIY a Giant Bridge made out of boxes and other household items. After Rebecca Zamolo played hide and seek with the hacker at the...Read more

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Rebecca decides to do a twin swap like Brooklyn and Bailey with RZ Twin to see if Vanessa and Veronica notice. This is the first time RZ twin has g...Read more

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She tries to facetime and they have to meet up later. Can they stop e3 and clue in real life or a will they get into a battle royale.

Watch - Escaping the Game Master's Trap! Exploring abandoned town with secret hidden messages! - https://youtu.be/pD6OgN6XuKg We try not to push a ...Read more

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Watch Exploring Hidden SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL in my HOUSE! - https://youtu.be/7FHvCiIf0s4 We went on a slip n slide through a mystery box while l...Read more

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