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When Rebecca Zamolo challenged best friend Daniel to a last to leave the sauna wins challenge they found a giant clue in real life game. Matt and Re...Read more

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Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo along with Cousin Maddie Compete in the backyard slip n slide olympics to win. Rebecca decided first that she would ...Read more

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Rebecca tricks her husband in this 24 hour challenge to sabotage him from going into the secret tunnel alone. After I, Rebecca Zamolo started surp...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo surprises Maddie and her crush with a DIY Prom 2020 in real life. After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours going through my Ex best frie...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays use Ghostbusters disguises in their new house to save her best friend!   Rebecca Zamolo and her husband Matt Slays fin...Read more

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Dog sitting FAIL w/ Beatrice Mumblesteen

April 15 2016 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Dog Sitting FAIL w/ Beatrice Mumblesteen Follow my best friend Jay Diaz https://www.youtube.com/user/AltermotionPictures SUBSCRIBE TO ME! http://bi...Read more

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HOW TO BE A BAE (w/ Beatrice Mumblesteen)

October 16 2015 , by Rebecca Zamolo

HOW TO BE A BAE (w/ Beatrice Mumblesteen) SHARE THIS! https://youtu.be/_ySCpz4C57U SUBSCRIBE TO ME! http://bit.ly/1GscSWl Follow my Best Friends i...Read more

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How To Make A Vest w/ Beatrice Mumblesteen

June 26 2015 , by Rebecca Zamolo

How To Make A Vest w/ Beatrice Mumblesteen SHARE THIS! https://youtu.be/Y1eX5Sl-bKk SUBSCRIBE TO MY COUSIN! http://bit.ly/1GscSWl LAST WEEK'S VLOG:...Read more

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